One of the most valuable benefits of being a member of the NJLCA is the networking opportunities available to you.  There is an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in our association and our members are always willing to share.  Regardless of whether you have a question about design, plant material, construction, maintenance, trucks and trailers, equipment or bidding and estimating there is always an NJLCA member willing to help you find the answer.

As you will quickly discover, the NJLCA is a community of landscape professionals who want to help their fellow members succeed while at the same time, raise the bar for the green industry as a whole. Our goal at the NJLCA is to help each and every member realize their full potential and there's no better way to accomplish that then by networking with like-minded and experienced industry professionals. Even though many of our members compete with one another out in the field, when it comes to membership meetings, social events, volunteerism or legislative advocacy, our members always come together.