The NJLCA is comprised of four types of members: contractors, associates, affiliates and students. Regardless of which type of member you are, you have full access to this website and receive preferred pricing to all of our events.  In addition, once you become a member, all of your employees will become members as well and will receive the same benefits and as you.  As a matter of fact, we strongly encourage you to include your employees in all of our events, including monthly membership meetings, educational classes and also our annual trade show, Landscape New Jersey.


An individual or firm actively engaged in and whose primary business is landscape contracting and/or landscape services.  Contractor members are eligible to serve within the legislative bodies of the NJLCA, provided they fulfill those requirements prescribed in the definition of those legislative titles.  A Regular Contractor member must provide proof of insurance, a sales tax number and any other license or certification as required by the NJLCA.


An individual or firm actively engaged in allied industries, i.e. manufacture or sale of landscape products, pesticides and landscape equipment as well as services to the landscape industry such as business related services (i.e. accounting, insurance), tree care and irrigation services to the landscape contractor.


An individual or firm that is an allied association, government entity, contractors who reside and work outside of the state of New Jersey, educational institutions or any public or private entity that does meet the definition of an Associate or Regular Contractor member.


An individual enrolled in an accredited institution studying Ornamental Horticulture or other Green Industry program.  If a student member is operating a landscape contracting business, a landscape maintenance business, or is self employed in any Green Industry venture, they no longer qualify as a student member.