Landscape Industry Certified Technician Exam

Landscape Industry Certified Technician Exam

Become a Landscape Industry Certified Technician: Benefits and Eligibility

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What is Certification?
Certification is a national hands-on testing program exclusively administered in New Jersey by the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association (NJLCA) in conjunction with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). Certification seeks to recognize proficiency in the landscape workforce, upgrade the status of the landscape professional, and provide the public with a means of identifying qualified landscape professionals within the industry.

Why Get Certified?
There are many benefits to becoming a Landscape Industry Certified Technician (formerly CLT) — it promotes safety; it promotes professionalism in the industry; it promotes national recognition and standardization; it validates landscape skills; it creates opportunities for career advancement in the industry; and it instills pride in employees and companies. Individuals who pass the exam have the right to use the  Landscape Industry Certified Technician logo on their printed materials and vehicles; individuals passing a  Landscape Industry Certified Technician exam will receive a certificate and lapel pin; employers are encouraged to advertise that they have certified employees on staff; NJLCA, NALP and other participating associations are promoting the use of  Landscape Industry Certified Technicians to the public; all  Landscape Industry Certified Technicians are required to attend continuing education to maintain their status.

How do I become Certified?
To become a Landscape Industry Certified Technician (formerly CLT), an applicant must pass either ALL Turf Maintenance Modules, ALL Ornamental Maintenance, ALL Softscape Installation or ALL Hardscape Installation Modules (you may only take one designation per exam). Successful completion of the Maintenance Modules demonstrates that a person has the skills to maintain a landscape project in a proficient manner. Successful completion of the Installation Modules demonstrates that an individual has the skills to take a landscape blueprint and proficiently implement the design in the field (written tests available in English or Spanish).

Who is Eligible?
Anyone is eligible to take the exam, but it is strongly recommended that the applicant has at least one of the following: 4,000 hours of work in the landscape industry; 2,000 hours of work in the landscape industry plus the successful completion of a two-year or four-year curriculum in the landscape field; or, 1,000 hours of work in the landscape industry plus the successful completion of a two-year or four-year curriculum in the landscape field plus the completion of an approved internship program. Please Note: Certification is not a substitute for a landscape contractor's license, nor does it count toward a state license. The goals, subject matter, and procedures of the certification test are different from licensing exams. Also, certification is not a substitute for any of the state-issued pesticide licenses.

What are the Designations?

Softscape Installation:

Hardscape Installation:

1.01  Common Core 1.01  Common Core
5.02  Softscape Plan Reading 6.05  Hardscape Plan Reading
5.03  Softscape Horticultural Principles 6.06  Hardscape Principles & Calculations
5.04  Irrigation Components 6.25  Chainsaw
5.21  Plant ID 6.61  Grading & Drainage
5.22  Basic Program Controller 6.62  Instrument
5.23  Lateral Repair & Head Adjustment 6.63  Paver Installation
5.24  Tree Planting & Staking 6.64  Skid-Steer Operation
5.51  Sod Installation  
5.52  Plant Layout  
5.53  Rototiller  

Turf Maintenance:

Ornamental Maintenance:

1.01  Common Core 1.01  Common Core
8.07  Irrigation Components & Principles 9.07  Irrigation Components & Principles
8.08  Turfgrass Maintenance Principles 9.12  Ornamental Maintenance &
         Horticultural Principles
8.09  Turfgrass Maintenance Calculations 9.14  Ornamental Maintenance Calculations
8.22  Basic Program Controller 9.21  Plant ID
8.23  Lateral Repair & Head Adjustment 9.22  Basic Program Controller
8.26  Power Blower 9.23  Lateral Repair & Head Adjustment
8.81  21" Mower 9.24  Tree Planting & Staking
8.82  Intermediate Walk-Behind Mower 9.25  Chainsaw
8.83  Riding Mower 9.26  Power Blower
8.84  Edger and Trimmer 9.91  Pruning
8.85  Aerator  
8.86  Turf Fertilizer