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Year after year passed, wholesale nike nfl jerseys from china and arrived at the senior. In school, Li Fei Fei addition to learning, reading, most often love to do is go home to see those things small animals to see if they live healthy and happy, to see if they find a new owner, one of a just leave. The new institute had already built up, then woods and stone table are gone. There is now very popular, and nothing of the original quiet and comfortable. That brought her boys and she made ??no note encountered. Finally, the passage of time, memories associated with him have gone a little bit. The only constant is that he keep the room in honor of those, she looked over and over again, his face carved into the heart. She told herself to forget, to get rid of, and be confused with going to miss, let them go. Students in the eyes of Li Fei Fei was warm, kind-hearted, but also wholesale nike nfl jerseys cold, quirks. Classrooms, cafeteria, dormitories. . . . . , A lot of boys chasing her, but she completely ignored, more willing to own one or small animals and wandering alone. She was always very busy, holidays and classmates never traveled or participate in activities, and rarely see her home. She always carries the package, if he went very far, no one knows what. It has been suspected that she is in love, to find a boyfriend. But she normally no phone, no SMS, loneliness was not like the look of wholesale jerseys nike wholesale nfl jerseys nike the case. Yes, Li Fei Fei want to hide quietly thoughts, over and over again looking at the note he left, carefully clip to the books, look at her clips over and over again about his newspapers and magazines. She missed a pair of eyes as deep as, missing his tall figure. No one knows her hopeless love and Acacia, but no one knows her vacation "secret."