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Area Contractor Needs Your Help

Update:  Thank you to all of the wonderful people who donated, we surpassed our goal of $10,000 and raised a total of $11,050!!

Jeff Leider of Echo Valley Landscape, Elmwood Park, NJ and his family are in dire need of your help.  He and his wife's two boys, Jason an Justin, 4 and 2 years old, have been diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome.  Hunter syndrome, a condition that literally batters children's bodies, leaving them with swollen internal organs, bloated faces and possible dementia before they are old enough to drive a car, currently has no cure.  At best, Jason and Justin will face weekly intravenous treatments for their rest of their lives. At worst, if they have the form of Hunter syndrome that affects their brains, they may stop talking in a few years and lose all ability to function.  Costs could reach $300,000 per child per year.
The NJLCA raised $11,050 and donated a check to the family at their fundraising dinner at the Venetian on April 27th from the members of the NJLCA.  A letter was also be presented to the family listing the names of all of the donors.
If you would still like to donate:  Visit www.letthembelittletrustfund.com.

Thank you all for your generous support of a fellow landscape contractor and his family.

To read about the family and the syndrome, please click here for a recent article in The Record.

Current Donors

Name Amount   Name Amount
Landscape Perceptions 100.00   Lawn & Landscape Magazine 100.00
AC Lawn & Landscape LLC 50.00   Wood Landscapes, Inc. 50.00
Jody Shilan Designs 250.00   Steelmack Landscape Contractors 50.00
Gail Ellen Woolcott (NJLCA) 50.00   NY-NJ Trailer Supply 100.00
NorthEast Bowie Sales 50.00   All Landscapes 250.00
Rainbow Landscaping 100.00   Pruned Right 100.00
Rivers of Revenue 250.00   Scott Landscape Design, Inc. 100.00
Perennial Lawn Services 100.00   Three Seasons Landscaping 100.00
Otterstedt Insurance Agency, Inc. 25.00   Countryside Landscaping, LLC 25.00
G&G Landscaping Construction, Inc. 100.00   Waterfall Landscaping, Inc. 100.00
Bob's Landscaping 100.00   American Beauty Landscape Design, Inc. 250.00
AL D. Landscaping & Tree Service 100.00   Chatham Landscape Contractors, Inc. 100.00
Evelyn Ercolano (Tode Landscape) 25.00   Impact Irrigation Consulting 100.00
M&R Landscaping & Design 500.00   Shemin Nurseries, Inc. 100.00
Canete Landscape, Inc. 50.00   Dan Motherway 100.00
Medical Consultants Instr.Training Center 100.00   Lakeland Lawn & Landscaping Co. 100.00
Irish Landscape Designs 100.00   P.A.S. Landscaping Designs LLC 100.00
Duke's Landscape Management, Inc. 500.00   Lewis Landscapes, Inc. 75.00
Paul Keyes Associates 100.00   Exclusive Properties 25.00
Ledden Palimeno 50.00   Middleton & Company Insurance 100.00
Plant Detectives 100.00   Precision Work 500.00
Angels Landscape Contractors 300.00   Heavy Metal Scrap 300.00
Landscape Dynamix, Inc. 300.00   AGC Irrigation Supply Corp. 100.00
Four Seasons Irrigation & Landscape 100.00   Making the Cut Property Maintenance 100.00
Scirocco Group 50.00   Chris James Landscaping Inc. 100.00
New Jersey Deer Control 100.00   Gary Bennet, Esq. 50.00
Magnolia Landscaping Corp. 25.00   Park Avenue Realty 50.00
CompuPay 50.00   Cofone Landscaping 300.00
Hickory Grove Landscape 25.00   By Design Landscapes,Inc. 250.00
Chris Hricik (Lawns By Yorkshire) 100.00   Complete Lawn Care 100.00
Grounds Keeper 50.00   Fit & Trim Lawns,Inc. 100.00
Solarium Landscape Services 50.00   Storr Tractor Company 1,000.00
Jersey Power Equipment Inc. 1,000.00   Dom Chiola Landscaping Company 100.00
Exclusive Stoneworks LLC 50.00   Frank J Robustelli, LLC Lawn and Lands. M 50.00
Native Fields Landscaping, LLC 100.00   Anthony DeFeo 25.00
Tode, The Artistry of Landscape 100.00   Krehel Automotive Repair 100.00
Tech Terra Organics 100.00   International Bulb 50.00
Anthony Petruccelli (Lawns By Yorkshire) 50.00   Armbruster Landscaping 100.00
Horizon Landscape Co. Inc. 100.00   Classic Landscaping 50.00
Joyce Weglarz (NJLCA) 25.00   New Jersey Landscape Consulting Services 125.00



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