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NJLCA Member Health Benefits Plan
Finding the proper balance between affordability and the right benefit package for you and your employees can be a challenge. The newly formed NJLCA Benefits Trust and Association Master Trust (AMT) are here to help.

With more than 9,000 participants from 14 member associations, AMT can tap into the same great benefit plans that larger employers enjoy while saving members money by providing self funded group benefit plans without outside broker commissions or shareholders demanding profits.

Plus, AMT contracts with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey and the Delta Dental Plan of New Jersey to provide members with access to one of the largest health and or dental provider networks in the state; all at the lowest cost possible.


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Who can ask for more, great rates, great coverage and a health benefit plan run by members for members. Contact AMT today to receive a quote and see how NJLCA and the AMT Benefits Trust can help you regain your health plan balance. You can reach AMT by phone at (973) 379-1090 ext. 229 or email info@amt-nj.com.

Non-members may receive a quote before becoming a member, so find out how much you can save today!  Fill out the census and send it in right away!